How To Be Financially Prepared For Your Wedding

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Every girl dreams of having the perfect wedding. It doesn’t really have to be a big wedding but it has to be worth remembering.

For some couples, having a really big wedding will make it worth remembering. Yes, this could be true for two reasons: first, you have spent all your savings for a wedding that happens in one day and each day after your big day will be spent on either paying for the balance you had when you planned the wedding or by simply working more than the regular 8 hour shift instead of focusing on beginning a family just to cope up with your expenses during that one day event. Second, you have made your wedding intimate enough for people who have been a part of your love story, you spent just enough that you can still afford to give birth immediately after the wedding without worrying about the hospital bill.

I know a lot of couples who after several years of having married realized that they have spent too much on their wedding. Yes, your guests enjoyed your wedding but the question is did you enjoy your own wedding? The number one reason why brides claim to not enjoy their wedding is because there are too many guests they do not even know and they are no longer comfortable with what she’s going to say in her speech and how she would deal with these strangers all throughout the wedding. On the other hand, I also know a lot of couples whose weddings have been memorable not just to her but to all her guests in spite of it being a not-so-expensive wedding because it was so intimate that they get to feel the excitement of all their guests of them becoming Mr and Mrs John Doe, that everyone in the crowd has something to say about how they kept their relationship going that it ended to marriage.

START EARLY. If you have already felt that he/she is the one and both of you are still beginning each other’s’ careers, begin that savings from small things. It could be investing on sheets and covers. Those inexpensive things that you will need when you guys live on the same roof instead of saving for that diamond ring. When you start living together, your old rice cooker, your stove or even your bed can become handy. Remember, the diamond ring can come a month before the wedding so just relax and focus on your long term needs.

KNOW EACH OTHER’S FINANCIAL STATUS. For some couples, combining each other’s finances is given after marriage though some would still prefer having separate accounts and keeping one where they will contribute a certain amount for their everyday expenses. But however you both plan it to be, it is best that you both are aware about each other’s financial status so you know what you are getting yourself into because soon, you will be dealing on those financial issues together.

COMMUNICATE. Communicating with your partner doesn’t necessarily have to be about having babies. It should be first about how you two are going to support the family that you will have. Talk about spending habits. Who is more responsible when it comes to handling money? It doesn’t really need to be the girl to do that. That was just the norm but in some cases, it is the man who does the budgeting. A lot of people will definitely disagree with having the man do the budgeting. Remember, only those relationships built on trust can have the man handle the family’s savings.

COME UP WITH A DREAM LIST. This would be your dreams as a couple. This could be the number of kids you would like to have, what school you will be sending them, the kind of house you would like to have, the car and so on. This way, your reasons for saving and living on a tight budget years before tying the knot will be clear and it will be easier for the both of you to accomplish those that will be written in the next list that you will be creating.

CREATE A LIST OF GOALS. You already have your dream list, this time, it is about reality. You will soon be Mr and Mrs John Doe. Your goals will no longer be just about you, your dreams and your plans. You should begin coming up with a list of your goals as a couple. When do you plan to have your first baby? Where would you both like to live? Your career goals and your target income after X years. This way, everything will be planned and you will never be caught off guard on expenses.

CREATE A TIMELINE. What would be the sense of having goals and dream list if you do not put a deadline? Make it clear to each other that each goal, each dream should accomplished in X number of years. Keep in mind that this is not just about you but for the family that you will be having.

Don’t be overwhelmed by all the glitzy weddings that you see on TV or the movies. Remember that’s not real life and those actors don’t have to worry about debt and bills after they shoot the movie. Plan ahead; make sure you spend within your means. What a matter is that it’s memorable and not what you spend on it. Getting married is one of the biggest steps any person gets themselves into. It is always better to be prepared for whatever’s in it for us. Although relationships should not be about money, it is always best to keep the communication open and deal with financial issues together. Accept it or not, some couples are inseparable because they have everything planned and prepared for. Don’t get yourself trapped on a situation you cannot handle. A walk down the isle should not be that expensive. It should be worth remembering.

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