How To Stay Fashionable Without Spending Too Much

To be beautiful is every girl’s dream. And part of wanting to become beautiful is to invest in fashion and make sure that you are updated on the latest fashion trends. It is never wrong to spend on clothes. Our outfits define our status of living, dress up too much and we come off as a trying hard social climber. Dress too casually and we come off as bums. To be fashionable does not mean you have to spend more than what you can afford.

Being the person in the corporate world whose outfit is everyone’s concern; I have learned to be fashionable while spending less on clothes.

Here are a few things that you might want to consider when investing on clothes:

1. What to buy, where to buy and how much are you willing to spend.

Buying clothes is just like your weekly shopping for groceries. Never do it with an empty stomach or you will end up buying those things you don’t really need. Don’t go to the mall without any idea of what to buy. Always make it a point that when you shop, you already know what to buy, where to buy it and how much you will be spending for it because if not, you will end up checking on all stalls and buying everything even if you don’t really need it.

2. Buy only those that fit you perfectly, those that make you feel good when worn.

Don’t buy designer items that you cannot pronounce right. Do not buy heels that would make you look like a walking penguin. Don’t buy clothes that will not make you feel comfortable wearing it. Don’t buy it just for the sake of becoming trendy. Buy it because you look good at it, because you are comfortable wearing it because if not, that will definitely just stay in your closet.

3. The 70/30 rule.

Just in case you haven’t heard of this, it is when you spend 70% of your budget on those you can wear any day and 30% is for those trendy items. Now, what are those that belong in that 70%? These are your black and white outfits. Those you can mix and match, those that can be worn on almost any occasions. The 30% are those which are “in”, and if you plan on buying outfits to just go by the trend, make sure you don’t spend too much because these have the shortest closet lifespan.

4. All cash, no credit cards.

Splurge usually happens when you use credit cards. Of course. It is because you wouldn’t have to think that you have to go look for the nearest ATM. One swipe and everything gets paid. When all you have is cash, you will have the control simply because you can see your purse running out of cash and when you run out of cash, shopping is over.

5. Clean closets.

Your closet or your mom’s closet can definitely do the trick. When we have more than enough clothes, we end up missing those buried in the deepest part of our closets. Those may be those clothes which we have bought several years ago or our mom’s clothes back in the 70s but hey, fashion trends are just a cycle. Today it’s in, tomorrow it’s not and years from now, everyone, again, is going gaga over those outfits you have had 5 years ago. You don’t always have to buy it, sometimes, it’s just hidden somewhere in your closet.

Always remember, the biggest fashionistas do not invest that much on their outfits. It is the sellers who invest on them and they became fashionistas because they were able to carry their clothes with confidence and pride regardless of how much it costs. There is a big difference between being a fashionista and fashion victim. A person who spends too much can be a fashion victim, and a person who spends less can become a fashionista. It’s just a matter of making the best out of what you have and what you can afford.

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